Cancer Institute Campaign

Donations to the Cancer Institute Campaign support the expansion of the Frank C. Love Cancer Institute

Help us write the next chapter.

Our story is a long one. Written over the span of more than 100 years. It started with two Sisters, and it has continued with a network of thousands of caring passionate people that make St. Anthony not only the first hospital in Oklahoma, but also the innovator. And as our story unfolds, it grows, without end. Only bigger - more chapters - with more purpose. This is our next chapter for the people of Oklahoma. 

We have set our sights on improving and expanding the Frank C. Love Cancer Institute. Why? Because we must. As we plan future chapters, we do so thinking of the needs of Oklahomans. Cancer is no stranger here. At St. Anthony Hospital, the number of cancer patients has increaded 48% in just 5 years. We must adress this now. 

To respond to the growing number of patients, the Frank C. Love Cancer INstitute must grow too - in space, technology and resources. But we cannot do it alone. Our plan to renovate and expand our existing space wil take $4.5 Million to accomplish. 

With YOUR help, we can do it. We can reach more - help more- and tell more stories of success in the fight against cancer. Will you help? Donate today.