St. Anthony Board of Directors

The St. Anthony Foundation Board of Directors are a committed group of community volunteers who strongly believe in our mission and values.

St. Anthony Foundation 2015 Board of Directors

Michael J. Milligan, Chair
Sheila Heim, Vice Chair
Kelly Gray, Treasurer/Secretary
Jerry Bendorf, Past Chair

Sarika Agarwala
Sherry Beasley
Mark Beffort
Barbara Brou
Paul W. Dudman
Jamie Farha
Susie Fuller
Beverly Funke
Wade B. Huckabay
Eric Joiner
John H. Kennedy, Jr.
Duke R. Ligon
Jenee Naifeh Lister
Judy Love
Neal McCaleb
Paul Odom, III
Lauren Paternostro
Myrla Pierson
Charlotte Richels
Becky Roten
Avis Scaramucci
David Schneider
Linda Stewart
Sean Trauschke
Lisa Vaughn

Sherry Rice Rhodes, MBA, CFRE